Month: May 2016

Mikaele Oloa Wins the Fire Knife Title a Record 5th Time!

Mikaele Oloa, along with other gifted Samoan Fire Knife Dancers entered in the 24th World Fire Knife Dance Championship held at the Polynesian Cultural Center. The competition lasted three rounds: Preliminaries on May 12th, Semi-Finals on May 13th and the Finals on May 14th.

On the first 2 days he performed a perfect routine– where he did not drop his knives. Not only that, but he has also showcased a few new moves of his own. Mikaele is known for crafting his own motions and premiering them every year at the world renown competition that brings in competitors from Japan, Tahiti, Samoa, Hawaii, California, Florida and more. On the third day, he dropped his knife only once; however, his routine and top-notch moves proved enough to take the top place for the record-breaking 5th time!

WFKC Stats:
– Mikaele’s last time winning this title was in 2010.
– He is now the ONLY fire knife champion to have won this title for the 5th time.
– He is STILL the YOUNGEST competitor to have won the title at the age of 15 (2005)
– He is the FIRST dancer to have performed with 3 and 4 fire knives (2005)

Mauga Mu Sweeps the Junior Division at the World Fire Knife Championship

Friday marks the 2nd night of the World Fire Knife Championships! Tonight, we will see the top 6 competitors compete for the top 3 spots for tomorrows finals, BUT FIRST we will see the Junior and Intermediate Divisions compete for their single-round competition.

Mauga Mu had a clean sweep of the Junior Division taking all three spots! For the Intermediate division, Mauga Mu nearly cleaned out that category as well taking 1st and 3rd Place. It is such an honor to have witnessed all of the youth at the competition doing what they love to do! It’s very apparent they have a passion for this craft, which is definitely not for the faint of heart. Excellent job to all the Junior and Intermediate Competitors this year! Manuia!!!

JUNIOR Division (Ages 6-11 yrs)
1st Place – Isaako Milford
2nd Place – Mose Lilo
3rd Place – Matagi Lilo

INTERMEDIATE Division (Ages 12 – 17 yrs)
1st Place – Hale Motupuaka
3rd Place – Hunter “Huntamon” Nery


Ages 6-11:
Lohiau Guillory-Kinimaka
Matagi Lilo
Mose Lilo
Mamalu Lilo
Isaako Milford
Toa Milford
Makoa Nielsen Cabagason

Ages 12-17
Laamea Guillory-Kinimaka
Hale Motupuaka
Hunter “Huntamon” Nery
Kekai Nielsen Cabagason

Ages 18 and Up
Tuika Faumuina
Kuinise Leiataua (founder of Le La O Leiataua)
Mikaele Oloa