Hula & Fire Dancers

The hula dancer has turned into an iconic part of the “Hawaiian Experience” for locals and tourists alike. Whether you want to learn how to shake your hips or attend your favorite luau, the show doesn’t start until the dancers take the stage!

Hula is the dance of the Hawaiian islands, but our dancers perform more than that. You’ll see native dances of Samoa, New Zealand and of course the popular fast, hip-shaking dances of Tahiti!


Kalena’s Polynesian Ohana is also known for being the home of the Mauga Mu  Samoan Fire Knife Dance Club. Led by Isitolo Oloa and championed by his son, 5 Time World Champion Mikaele Oloa, Mauga Mu is the most decorated Samoan fire knife dance club in the World! Our fire knife dancers are all specially trained and competitive professionals overseen by Isitolo and Mikaele. You can be certain to see actual members of the Mauga Mu club at every performance.



Each one of our dancers are professionally trained. In addition, they are also students of the traditional craft competing in dance competitions on multiple islands of Hawaii, throughout the mainland US, and beyond.

You can be sure, when you watch every dance at our luaus, that it is done with knowledge, skill, and most of all, a deep passion of culture and art.

If you don’t want to have a full luau at your event, consider hiring a hula dancer to make an appearance!


Here is a list of additional services available by Kalena’s Polynesian ‘Ohana:

  • Fire Knife Dancer
  • Lei Greeting
  • Conch Shell Blowers
  • Torch Holders
  • Lei Making
  • Hula Instruction